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B5-PLUS is Human Contents personality inventory, based on the internationally renowned “Big Five” model.

B5-PLUS provides the most precise measuring of our most fundamental personality characteristics. It is developed and maintained with scientific rigour in full compliance with the Big Five model. Combined with scientific methods to analyse organisations and jobs and F60 ability, it provides the necessary insight in all activities relating to managing the people in your organisation, increasing the probability that they will succeed and thrive.


 B5-PLUS is developed and tuned for English, Spanish, Swedish, and Norwegian


The B5-PLUS report provides fundamental information about how this person will work in different situations and in relation to other people.


B5-PLUS is based on the Big Five model, used and recommended by all relevant international research environments. That means that we may use results and supporting tools that others have spent great effort to develop; one example are Big Five maps for the job roles the person is being considered for (or is already working in).

Human Content has, through own work, and collecting the results of others around the world, developed a comprehensive set of such support tools that further nuance and elaborate the implications of what the individual has told us about herself, the tools help us focus on the topics most relevant to this person in this work situation.

Human Content’s original B5 was developed in the late 1990s. The consensus of professional communities globally already agreed that the Big Five model measured with normative methods provided the most meaningful understanding of a person in a work environment.


B5 was indeed built on this solid foundation, that through the years since has been further confirmed in numerous studies around the world.


In the years up to 2009, our B5 was used thousands of times, mainly for recruitment to the leading positions.


Analyses of this foundation confirms that B5 is a very good personality inventory based on the best possible scientific basis. In recent years further development has resulted in B5-PLUS. B5-PLUS is an even better tool, with even better technical values, better gradations and also more detailed nuances that further enhance its usability. 


How well do the personality traits match the position?

How will the person perform in our work environment and culture, in good times, and in bad times?

When we look at the complex totality that a person represents – how we can focus our time and energy on the topics that are most relevant for this person in this position?

Will this individual grow in office?

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