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The most precise assessment of ability


Human Contents F60 provides precise measurement of how fast a person has the capacity to process more complex information.

Human Content has, in adherence with our value “scientific”, developed the F60 test of ability according to the available knowledge about how ability level can be measured most reliably and validly. F60 is better documented than any other tools we know of that claims to measure ability. It is documented on leaders and specialists in the international workplace. Together with B5-PLUS, it completes the information we can have about individuals' most fundamental, stable characteristics.

F60 provides the most precise measuring of our most fundamental ability characteristics. It assesses our capacity to understand and learn, including the accuracy and speed with which we process multiple-variable information.


A person needs to have enough capacity to meet the demands of their job in order to succeed. Most people have enough capacity to succeed with the vast majority of job tasks. Those that work in a job that requires more capacity than they have, risk experiencing failure, and should be helped into another job where their capacity is sufficient. Those with more capacity than what is strictly needed may take on tasks that require their level of capacity, including supporting colleagues when they are in over their heads.


F60 is developed and tuned for English, Spanish, Swedish, and Norwegian

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