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Lever your driver for success


Human Content has developed tools, methods and work processes to support all aspects of preparing your organisation for success, regardless of your industry. If you operate an organisation with people and wish to succeed, we have what you need.

The most accurate assessment of personality based on the internationally recognised Big Five Factor Model.

Developed to perfection. 

F60 is the most accurate measure of our fundamental ability. It assesses our capacity  to understand and learn, including the accuracy and speed with which we process information with higher complexity.

Become a Certified user

Online, case-based with one-to-one

Certification training


Human Content certification training combines group sessions with in-depth individual follow-up.


Participants gain insights into our body of knowledge. Combined with the use of our tools, and access to our methodologies for in-company projects, this is sure to enhance all future interventions with your constituents and clients.

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