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Certification training

Online, case-based with one-to-one

Human Content certification training combines group sessions with in-depth individual follow-up. Participants gain insights into our body of knowledge. Combined with the use of our tools, and access to our methodologies for in-company proojects, this is sure to enhance all future interventions with your constituents and clients.

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The next B5-PLUS Training starts with Module 1 on Tuesday Sept. 17th 2024. Module 2 starts November 12th. See below for details.

The B5-PLUS approach is based on the internationally recognised and scientifically based big five factor model. Human Content has developed it significantly over the last 25-plus years specifically in the occupational space in line with our mission: 

  • understanding and respect for all varieties of human uniqueness

  • enabling organisations and individuals to make better choices

  • be the greatest value creator in future decades 

The cohort of licensed coaches, business consultants, and HR professionals working in-company is already substantial and this is an opportunity to join the vanguard of practitioners who can lever this leading-edge body of knowledge in many profitable ways. 

The training modules are designed as easily managed, short on-line blocks, timed to enable participation from Latam, the US and Europe, all condensed into two modules with supervised and solo-practice sessions and short exam in between. 

The two facilitators of the modules will be Thomas Løvenskiold, the CEO of Human Content, and Alan McFarlane, International Development Director and, also, a leading practitioner. We have received much favourable feedback that vouches the quality of the content and training is excellent, as is the amount of individualised support the facilitators give to support participants post-module on their path to mastery.

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B5-PLUS Training - Module 1 & 2

Thank you! We will get back to you soon with further details..

Joanna Moss

Director of Moss Coaching Associates, London 

...and B5-PLUS license-holder recently commented;

‘The more I use the B5-PLUS approach, the more powerful I find it. It provides a platform for a really deep conversation about someone’s career, aspirations, satisfaction and performance. Yesterday I had an amazing debrief with a very senior banker. It really made him think, particularly about recent and more distant events in the past.’

Dr. Tim Zimmermann

Partner, ZS Value Coaching, Munich and Senior Advisor, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Munich

‘Human Content is offering a diagnostic toolbox for coaches that is based on science and a match with the job environment of a coachee. The training I received enabled me to unfold the full potential of these tools. It was pragmatic, individual and right to the point. As a result, we will include Human Content diagnostics in our ZS Leadership Advisory approach that is covering the e2e development process of talent. B5-PLUS and F60 assessments will become a regular talent development tool for our clients.’

Paul Peplow

Executive Coach, Former Global Head of Talent, O2

 ‘Definitely the best and most interesting and most human accreditation process that I have encountered. Let’s make some magic happen!’

This is an open certification programme. As places are limited to ensure quality interactions, the reservation of places will be done on a first come, first served basis.

Prior to first training module:

  • Study Pre-Reads

  • Complete B5-PLUS and F60

Your B5-PLUS report will form the basis of your supervised practice session. Your F60 Report will be debriefed confidentiality one to one. 

Technical Notes
There will be several technical notes as essential pre-read to set a knowledge foundation and lever the input/discussion time to the maximum. 

Practice Sessions
There will also be a requirement to do five practice sessions (B5-PLUS and F60) with real clients between modules, delivering a short self-analysis report to us after each for review and feedback-guidance. 

Certification Exam
Finally, to obtain a B5-PLUS Debriefing Certificate you need to pass a short 30-minute exam – we recommend you take it shortly after Module 1, receive feedback and, if necessary, retake before Module 2.


Part A 

Day 1
Learn what Fundamental Human Characteristics are and how they lead to success and happiness when fully levered.
You will be able to ‘read’ a person’s personality and ability drivers to actively help them discover their optimal work activities and environment. We will introduce the tools that make all this possible in a systematic and precise wasy.

Day 2
Discover how to assess the precision and utility of the information we use to make decisions and how we apply it to human beings. You will be able to assess the information quality of measuring tools and grow confidence your ability to ethically help people make key decisions in their careers and organistions to create exponential business value.

Day 3
Learn to put all this new learning into practice in a holistic way. You will be proficient to start using the tools profitably in real life situations through assessing the purpose and outcome of any project, systematic collection of information to identify underlying issues, and focusing actions to produce the desired results. Specifically, you will be able to perform individual and group job analysis to understand the both job content and organisation set up and provide advice and guidance on how to imporve both for optimal results. The facilitators will role model the use of tools, for you to emulate subsequent spervised and unsupervised practice sessions.

The dates for those sessions are:
Day 1: Tuesday Sept 17th 2024
Day 2: Monday Sept 23rd 2024
Day 3: Wednesday Sept 25th 2024

Each of the three days (all times CET/Europe):
15:00 to 17:00 hrs
30 min. break
17.30 to 19.30 hrs

Part B 

During week beginning September 30th:
One 75-minute session of Supervised Pair Practice, time to be scheduled during Part 1. 

Five unsupervised practice sessions to be completed before module 2. Participants delivers self-evaluation to trainer for review and recommendations.


Part C 

Day 1
Health Check Review, Questions, Focused Input and Support. Discuss experience from actual use of tools and knowledge since Module 1. Deeper discussions on how to better understand the full set of results.

Day 2
Deep Dive on In-Company Projects. Review methods to employ depending on the purpose of intervention, how to ensure maximum results.

The dates for those sessions are:
Day 1: Tuesday Nov. 12h 2024
Day 2: Thursday Nov. 14th 2024

Each of the two days (all times CET/Europe):
15:00 to 17:30 hrs
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