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Empower True You

Job analysis

Both people and organisations benefits when the person is better matched to their job. 

Personality is not absolute, and there are no generally good or bad personality. However, our true preferences are real. When we acknowledge the benefits and watch-outs our natural preferences represent in any given situation, we empower ourselves to make better decisions for ourselves. When we choose a job that we are better Matched with, we are more likely to succeed and thrive. The better we match with the tasks and responsibilities of a job, the more we can succeed and thrive doing the job while behaving in ways that are natural and require less energy.

Our evaluation of others is also impacted by how different we are. Our instinct tells us that people are better the more they are like ourselves. The more different other people are from ourselves, the more skeptical we become, and tensions are likely to develop. When we learn to understand the true benefit of our differences in a collaboration, we naturally work better together as a result.


The Job Analysis method is developed and tuned for English, Spanish, Swedish, and Norwegian

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